Top Products to Consider for Customized Boxes

Custom printed boxes are a cost-effective and effective means to improve your business brand, draw attention, and assist consumers in easily recognizing your goods. Just think about the last tangible item you bought online. Did you just notice the box it came in? Chances are it wasn’t a standard white cardboard box that contained the name of the merchant or brand s logo that let you know the product was inside prior to you ever opened it… The item was packaged differently and had a unique label.

This simple observation tells us a lot about how our eyes and minds process printed packaging boxes. When we find something, we want to buy we look first at the packaging, then we look at the outside product, and finally we evaluate the price. What we fail to see is the psychology of packaging. Psychologists have found that printed boxes with a logo help consumers associate the brand with the item, and subconsciously this association helps them make a more knowledgeable decision.

An example of how custom boxes can increase consumer trust is by changing the color of the cardboard in your packaging material. If your packaging material is printed with a red box, chances are your item will be viewed with some caution. Consumers don’t like change, especially when it is something as important as a product. However, if you use yellow or orange colored cardboard you will more than likely find that consumers will be more open to the idea of buying your product.

In addition to helping to increase brand recognition, the psychological impact of packaging material changes how people react to certain items. When you purchase a green smoothie kit, for instance, you will more than likely feel a certain level of trust in that company due to the green symbol on the box. If you purchase boxes that say “compact” or “snap together,” the individual components will fit into one another without a lot of effort and they will also be less likely to break or fall apart.

The best thing about these studies is that they show that printing on boxes does not only help increase your sales, but it is also good for the environment. Most plastic boxes today are made from recycled content, meaning that your business is supporting a recycling program. When you look at the different choices you have for packaging, including rigid boxes, you will see that by choosing these options you are not only saving money, but you are also helping to reduce the carbon footprint we all have to deal with. This means that even though you spend more money on printing, the packaging itself can make a real impact on the bottom line.

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