8 Benefits of Getting White Fillings in Monterey Park

Tooth decay is a common disorder among people worldwide. White fillings are one of the most common cavity treatment options as they can restore your teeth damaged by trauma/decay. A skilled family dentist in Monterey Park can put white fillings to fix your dental issues. But before visiting a dentist, you should know its benefits. 

Here are the key benefits of getting white fillings: 

  • Don’t Contain Mercury

Metal fillings contain approximately 50% mercury, a metal related to critical health risks. Mercury fillings are safe but not recommended for pregnant women, children, and people having kidney or neurological issues. Many patients prefer to use white fillings as they contain composite resins and no types of metals. 

  • Invisible 

White fillings, often called “tooth-colored fillings,” can get tuned to blend well with the nearby tooth materials. Amalgam fillings tend to get dark soon. However, white fillings maintain the beauty and health of your smile. Once the filling is in the right position, it becomes impossible to see the margin, which indicates where the filling starts and the tooth element ends. 

  • Less Invasive

White filling application is different from amalgam fillings and needs less removal of tooth elements. It maintains your healthy teeth and retains its integrity. 

  • Control Tooth Sensitivity

Metal is an excellent conductor of cold and hot temperatures, which increases the chance of tooth sensitivity. As white fillings contain composite resins, they don’t conduct cold or heat, which controls tooth sensitivity.

  • Bond Better

Composite fillings are applied in layers to your tooth, which bonds with the tooth element for a virtually seamless fit. The better bonding reduces the chance of bacteria seeping in and reinfecting the tooth. 

  • Shapeable According to the Tooth Natural Contours

White fillings can get tinted to match the tooth element. However, they can be properly shaped to match your teeth’s natural contours. 

  • Repairable

When a metal filling gets damaged, the whole filling should be removed, which increases the chance of mercury exposure. You can often repair damaged or chipped composite filling by applying and shaping extra composite elements. 

  • Durable

Nowadays, composite resins are very sturdy and durable. They are an excellent choice for fillings in every tooth, including hardworking molars. 

The Bottomline

Getting white fillings for your teeth can be a great investment in Monterey Park because of the benefits above. They are perfect for restoring your teeth with new decay and make it look better. 

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