Adult Entertainment 101: Check Common Misconceptions About Gentlemen’s Clubs!

It’s understandable that people have wild ideas about gentlemen’s clubs. Men, of course, have their fantasies, and if you have never been to a strip club, the whole concept can be a bit confusing too. In this post, let’s talk of the common misconceptions about gentlemen’s clubs.

All gentlemen’s clubs are the same

No.  When you step into the best gentlemen’s club in Greenville, you will know the difference. Top clubs pay adequate attention to every detail – from the ambience, to the food, drinks that are served, and the strippers. You will be surprised how these places are as posh and luxurious to some of the other bars you have been to.

Strippers are not paid well or treated badly

This one is a classic of sorts. Most strippers get well-paid for the work, and gentlemen’s clubs maintain great industry standards. On top of that, they make a considerable amount of money through tips. Also, clubs are also particular as how guests treat the entertainers. Don’t expect them to be easy to pick. In fact, if you try to misbehave or touch strippers beyond what’s the norm, you will be asked to leave.

The food is bad

Another false statement. There are many gentlemen’s clubs that serve awesome food, and from the standard sides and fries, to a long list of BBQ items, you can find it all. Many places are open from lunch, so the food has to be of a certain standard. If you really wish to enjoy the food, do check the menu of the club, which you are likely to find on their website.

Saying ‘no’ to a lap dance is offensive

No, it is completely okay to skip or refusing the lap dance, but if you have never experienced it, we strongly recommend that you try it. The prices of lap dances are decided by the house, and at a full-nude gentlemen’s club, the experience can be quite fun. In case you don’t want to, be polite and refuse – simple.

Visiting a gentlemen’s club can be expensive

Yes, and no. It depends on the place you choose, but some gentlemen’s clubs are expensive than others. However, you can be assured that the experience makes up for that. Eventually, the amount you spend on food, drinks and tips is your call.

Make sure that you take in real dollar bills before you step into a gentlemen’s club.

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