Best Dota 2 Heroes for Newbies

Every Dota 2 player used to be a newbie, even current top esports professionals. In case you are not a newcomer, try turning your experience into money at Otherwise, check the list of heroes that suit newbies the most to start playing Dota 2 successfully.


This hero is totally newbie-friendly: all his abilities work as on-target skills only. This means, you can’t miss when using them.  At the same time, Lion has the opportunity to escape from enemies, and has a powerful ultimate skill. That’s all the newbie might need.


Works same as Lion. Has on-target abilities easy to be used in any match and team composition. The ultimate skill keeps the enemy rooted for quite long. By picking Bane, you can be useful for the team even if it is your first Dota 2 match ever.


Diisruptor is more complicated than Lion or Bane, but he suits newbies as well. The main task for you as a Disruptor player is to use the E skill on time to close enemies inside, and then cover them with your ultimate.

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi is a great pick for newbies, too, and the point is not only about his skills. Ogre Magi has a lot of health points and armor. Due to that, a newbie can avoid dying many times in the early game. Additionally, his abilities are also on-target ones, so the newbie won’t have any problems using them.

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