Catching Sharks in Tampa Bay Florida

The Complete Guide

It’s Florida and you’re there are sharks. These large, ferocious beasts are drawn to warm waters that have deep water and lots of fish. It’s no surprise that Tampa Bay is a favorite spot for them. You want to learn the best techniques, baits and fishing spots for catching sharks in Tampa Bay Florida.

This article will provide you with a guide to shark fishing at Tampa Bay. This article will discuss the best times to fish for sharks, common techniques for capturing them, and the best spots to fish in Florida’s Tampa Bay.

Sharks at Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay’s waters are dominated by a large number of shark species. The majority of the sharks are Black Nose and Blacktip, Bull, Hammerheads, Lemons, Nurses, Tigers, Spinners, and Bull sharks.

Common Shark Species

There is a greater chance to spot blacknose sharks, bull sharks and blacktip sharks in Tampa Bay than any other type of shark. Black nose sharks are typically small at 4 feet in length, while blacktip sharks can grow up to 6 feet and bull sharks can reach 13 feet.

black heads react to threats by arching their backs, raising their heads and pointing their fingers. When attacking fish, blacktips begin to spin leaps above the water. The bull shark hunts in pairs and alone and is aggressive towards all creatures, fish and humans alike.

Other Shark Species

You’ll also see nurse sharks and lemon sharks. These sharks can grow up to 6-10 feet in length. Lemon sharks, nurse sharks have a similar color to each other and enjoy resting on the seabed. These two sharks are more relaxed than other species, and can rest on the sea bed for hours.

Meanwhile, spinner sharks exhibit great spinning skills. Sometimes they will leap from the water to spin, sometimes twice or three times. When attacking their school preys, they spin as well.

In Tampa Bay, you will also find hammerhead sharks and bonnethead sharks. The hammerhead sharks can reach 3 to 13 feet in length, while the bonnetheads can reach 3 to 13 feet. Bonnetheads, Hammerheads, are usually peaceful and move in groups of three to five.

Tiger sharks have stripes that look almost like tigers. They are aggressive and will eat anything, even non-food items. They can grow up to 18 feet in length and are strong but slow.

The Best Shark Fishing Spots of Tampa Bay

In deep water, offshore is the best place to fish for sharks in Tampa Bay. You may find sharks in shallower waters, however, if there are plenty of fish. Remember that sharks will go wherever their nose leads them when you hunt for them. You need to search for shark prey in a location.

Be aware of shifting tides. If the tides are changing, your chances of capturing sharks increases when you chum.

Best Shark Baits in Florida

Sharks aren’t picky about their food so they will eat anything that is bloody or oily. A shark will be attracted to you if it sees your bait.

If you are looking for ideas, try trout, mackerel or ladyfish. These baitfish should be either fresh or live. You also have the option of shrimp, cut pilchards or threadfin herring.

Common Methods of Shark Fishing

Deep sea fishing is the best way to catch sharks, as they are usually found in deep water. However, methods like light tackling, chumming, longline, strike net, or drift gillnet work well, too.

Shark Season in Tampa Bay Florida

Shark fishing is best done between May and August. You can catch sharks in Tampa Bay at any time, as Florida has temperate waters. Keep in mind that the chances of catching sharks increases as the water becomes warmer.

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