Different Ways To Reuse & Repurpose Plastic In Your Home

We all need to play a part and help reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills. We can repurpose or reuse many plastic items around our home rather than throwing them away. You can also embrace your creative side and find new ways to use things that we usually throw out, and it is an excellent way to entertain the kids. Below are some ways to repurpose different plastic items in your home and give them a new lease of life.

Create Planters From Plastic Bottles

If you have plastic tube packaging or bottles you need to find a use for, you can consider turning them into planters and adding some greenery to your home. Cut the bottles or tubing down to size, around three or four inches, and it must have a bottom. Create a few holes in the bottom for drainage, and then you will want to decorate it. You can then put plants or seeds in them and keep them in a suitable location while you watch them flourish and bloom.

Storage For Craft Supplies

You can also use plastic tubing and bottles to create a tidy for your craft supplies. You will need to have something for a base, such as stiff cardboard or a thin piece of wood. Cut the plastic to varying sizes, and you will then want to decorate them. Once the plastic has been decorated, you can stick it down to your base and let it dry. Once dry, you have the perfect storage for craft supplies, including pens, pencils, pipe cleaners, thumbtacks, and anything else you may use.

Make A Bird Feeder

You can also use an empty bottle of plastic tubing to make a bird feeder for your garden and attract the local wildlife to it. You will also need some thin pieces of wood, but you can use chopsticks, old pencils, or anything similar. Drill some holes in the bottle to push the bits of wood through, which will give the bords somewhere to perch while feeding. You will want to secure the wood using Blu Tack or modelling putty, which you can buy online easily. Tie some string to the neck of the bottle so you can hang it from a tree or bush, and then fill it with seeds or nuts that the birds like to eat.

These are a few ideas of what you can do with empty plastic tubing and bottles, but there are plenty more besides. For more cool ideas on how to repurpose and reuse plastic in your home, click here.

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