How And Where To Play Poker QQ?

The Asian countries have a vast range of casino games and one of the most famous casino games is Poker QQ, also known as Kiu Kiu or 99 domino poker. The game is played with a set of 28 dominoes but in Indonesia, the game is usually played with small cards that are thrown away after some 먹튀 games because they get torn or damaged.

Where to play?

Poker QQ can be played online. There are apps and websites that offer you to play the game. However, while picking a website you have to be very careful because most of the websites are a fraud and if you want to play casino games, you need an app or website which you can trust, which you can rely on.

Make sure you do some research before you indulge yourself in such websites, do not get too excited and click on the first website that google search shows you. Being patience will not harm you but will protect and prevent you from getting in any kind of money scams. Read articles on the game or online casino games, do your research, see which website has the best ratings, check the customer reviews and then make a decision or you can talk to a friend who is knowledgeable in this ground.

We gave you a basic demonstration of how the game is played if that is not enough for you then you check youtube videos on how to play the game, it is okay there is always a first time no expects you to be an expert right at the beginning. If 99 domino poker is not the casino game for then even that’s okay, there are so many other casino games to choose from.

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