How overseas curriculum travel can change lives

Arriving back at Heathrow Airport you are still buzzing with excitement after what you have just experienced. You don’t generally enjoy school, but your opinion has just changed as you cannot speak highly enough about your place of education.

It organised curriculum travel to the other side of the world and you could not be more grateful to have been on it. It’s amazing what a difference having fun makes to education. You are not usually that interested in the classroom, but this trip was completely different. You cannot wait to tell your parents and friends who missed out all about it.

Learning in a different environment and fantastic locations around Australasia between travel and activities fully focussed you. Being educated on topics that had relevance to your surroundings made it interesting and enhanced your thirst for knowledge much to the surprise of your tutors.

The company that provided the tour specialised in sustainable travel which taught you about the importance of caring for people and the future of our planet as you were climate positive and minimized footprint while on tour. You were shown why planting trees is valuable to the environment along with cutting emissions.

You have made so many friends with other students who you hardly speak to back home as the trip as brought you out of your shell. It was like you were all in it together and you found it a great feeling to look out for each other and listen and help when anyone struggled on their first trip overseas. The travel and tourism curriculum certainly suits you.

As well as within your own touring party, you have also made friends with plenty of locals, and you can’t wait to send them videos and photos from back home. There is an opportunity to return in the future to build on your relationships and even go on a working holiday as well as being able to reciprocate.

You have returned, having found some new foods, interests and even got to play a bit of sport in a foreign land, all of which you will remember and learn from. You are determined to build on the experience and make sure that it really was a life changing adventure.

Now it’s time to get stuck in at school after the weekend with your new skills and confidence around your friends. You cannot recommend learning through curriculum travel enough.

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