How To Call An Ambulance In Thailand

It is a nightmare for many travellers to have a medical emergency when they are on holiday, and it is best to ensure you are prepared if anything happens. It is the same when you go to Thailand, and you should research what to do if anything happens while you are there. Below are some tips and advice on what you should do to ensure you get the medical treatment you need quickly, including how to call an ambulance in Thailand.

Ensure You Have Adequate Medical Insurance

Before you head off to the Land of Smiles, you will want to ensure that you take out a suitable travel insurance policy, covering you should anything happen while travelling. It is not compulsory, but you can find yourself paying a lot of money if you have a severe accident and need medical attention while on holiday in Thailand. As the travel insurance is relatively cheap, it is worth the investment and will give you added peace of mind you are covered should anything happen.

How To Call An Ambulance In Thailand?

You will also need to know what number you need to call an ambulance in Thailand, and there are a few numbers for this. The number for tourists to call when they are in Bangkok is 1646 when they have a medical emergency, and outside of Bangkok, you need to call 1669. The ambulance service is made up of volunteers, and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Speaking To The Operator

When you speak to the call centre, they can speak English, and you will need to give them a summary of what is wrong, so they can assess whether it is life-threatening or not. As well as telling them the medical situation, you may also need to provide some medical history of the patient, and once they have assessed this, you will also need to give them your location. You can use a map app on your phone to get your precise location, which will make it easier for the ambulance to find you. They will also ask about insurance and whether you have any, which may determine which hospital they send you to. You may be sent to a government hospital rather than one of the more expensive private ones if you do not have insurance.

Ensuring you are prepared should an accident happen to you while travelling can help ensure you get the medical attention you need quickly. Do your research before you go, and if you find yourself in a bad situation, it will be much easier to deal with it.

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