Teen Patti Is An Unforgettable Game That Never Gets Old.

Card games have been a part of Indian culture for an extended period. If you trace back the history of India, you can still find references to card games. Coming to the present time. It is still relevant. We all have grown up either playing these games or looking at others who were playing those games. From Diwali parties to weddings, this game has never left our side. There are many kinds of card games. But some games’ names are stuck in our memory. Teenpatti is the very Hindi name of a card name, that is an original game.

However, it is derived from Poker or can also be considered influenced by it. It is called flash and flush. But the way the name 3patti feels like no other name can make you think. It is considered its organization in the western world. The game never felt like an outsider in this country. We Indians have a way of making everything our own and making it more desi by giving them more desi versions of their names. Like other games, it has some rules and orders that a participant has to follow while playing this game.

Three cards or teen patti game is very similar to other gambling games like Poker or rummy. At the beginning of the game, your player places the bet. Then this bet amount is collected. Some people have the tradition of collecting money in pots, and few like to make heaps of the collected money. Different cultures have different customs. It’s just like that tradition has left a mark on this game.

First, cards are distributed to all the players. This is the Set of 52 cards. Once the card is distributed, players can make a raise or call. These two terms are standard in other card games like Poker. Call means the player wouldn’t like to raise the bet but would continue to play the game, whereas if a player goes for a raise, they can add more money to their chances. Here by choosing a raise candidate is agreeing to win or lose more money in the game. As the game continues, the money also increases, and one who manages to stay till the end wins the collected amount. 3 patti is a gambling game. No one knows anything about how much they are going to make.

However, this is the best part of all these sports. Like any other game teen Patti is capable of engaging us. These games give us a rush of adrenaline and excitement—the real laugh with some of our closest friends. The unforgettable memories and sometimes real cash money. Some games never let us down. So simple yet so unique.

It has a sequence from higher to lowest in hand wins. A player who has the highest Set of cards wins the game:

1.     Trail  (three of same rank)

2.     Pure sequence or the Straight Flush

3.     Sequence (or run)

4.     Color

5.     Pair (two cards of same rank)

6.     High Card

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