The Many Services Offered by a Family Lawyer

While there are many fields in law, the one that most people use is family law, which is a very broad spectrum that covers many scenarios. In this article, we take a quick look at the typical services that are offered by a family lawyer.

  • Divorce & Separation – In the event you and your partner wish to call it a day, family lawyers parramatta who are very experienced in helping couples come to a mutual agreement to go their separate ways. There is always the division of joint assets and should there be kids involved, their well-being must remain the priority at all times.
  • Prenuptial Agreement – It is common for two people who have already been married before to draw up an agreement regarding what are joint assets and what are not. It is perfectly natural to want to protect your wealth when entering into a new full-time relationship and the family lawyer is very experienced and with their help you have a legally binding agreement that cannot be changed.
  • Will Writing – We should all prepare a Last Will & Testament, as no one knows when they will pass on from this earthly plane. The lawyer understands the terms that need to be used in such a document, plus they know the process inside out and should you wish to amend the will at any time, call your local family lawyer.
  • Contesting a Will – In the event you feel you were treated unfairly in the will of a deceased family relative, you might have sufficient grounds to legally contest the will. This is something the family lawyer can assist with and in the event the legal professional thinks you have strong claim, they might offer to represent you on a ‘no win-no fee’ basis.
  • Domestic Violence – Sadly, domestic violence is on the rise here in Australia and these troubled times do not help the situation. If you need a restraining order placed on your ex-partner, search online for a local family law firm, who can rush the order through on your behalf, keeping you safe.
  • Consent Orders – These are written agreements that both partied agree to and the good thing about a consent order is neither you nor your ex-partner need to attend court.

The above are just some of the services offered by your local family law firm, which you can easily find with a Google search.

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