The Top Common Spinal Issues That People Experience.

Back pain is an ongoing problem experienced by literally millions of people from all over the world and people have back issues not just because they are getting older, and many younger people experience back pain as well. Young people think that they are stronger than they really are and they have never really been taught about lifting techniques in their life so far. They end up lifting items that are much too heavy and they don’t use the correct procedures in order to move the item from one place to another. This results in lower back pain and muscular pain as well.

Statistics tell us that people miss the highest numbers of days from work because of back pain that they have experienced at their workplace. Even though health and safety rules are in place and employers try to do their best to keep their employees safe, it happens that people try to lift items when they really should be using the correct lifting equipment. They end up in a spine hospital getting necessary help and maybe even surgery. The following are just some of the most common spinal issues that people experience every single day.

  1. A herniated disc – This happens to the great majority of people and some experience no symptoms while others experience a lot. When your disk becomes herniated in your back, you will experience a number of symptoms like numbness in the general area and some tingling and muscle weakness as well. Most injuries occur in the law back but it is not unheard off to have it happen in the upper back as well.
  2. Muscle strain – This happens to people who work in an office environment and who have bad posture throughout the day leading them to experience muscle strain in their back which leads up into their make. For these people, it is essential that they stress throughout the day and take part in exercises that strengthen the muscles in the back. It is also a good idea to lose any of those excess kilograms that you’ve been carrying around for the past six months or more.

Some people have been involved in what could be regarded as minor car accidents and yet they experience something that is called whiplash. Whiplash is when you strain your head and you will feel the pain in the muscles in your neck.

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