All You Want To Know About Orchestra

You may have heard of terms like orchestra concert, symphony orchestra, or even chamber orchestra. What exactly is an orchestra anyway? In simple words, an orchestra is an ensemble of musicians, who play together for a show. If you have never attended an orchestra, knowing the basics always comes in handy. In this post, we are discussing more on orchestra sections, norms and rules, and more.

Types of orchestra

There are two kinds of orchestras – symphony and chamber. In case of chamber orchestra, there are usually less than 50 musicians, and often the focus is more on strings. On the other hand, symphony orchestras are huge, featuring as many as 100 or more musicians. There are four distinct instrument categories in symphony orchestra – woodwinds, percussion, brass, and strings. The coming together of all these musicians makes a symphony worth the experience. Note that when an orchestra is huge enough to play a symphony, it is called a symphony orchestra.

Attending an orchestra

  • First and foremost, it is rude to be late for an orchestra. You have to reach the venue in time, at least 15 to 30 minutes in advance. In case you are late, don’t try to get in. The usher will give a signal as when to step inside, during an appropriate pause.
  • Formals are not compulsory to attend an orchestra. However, do not go in shorts and flip-flops either. The idea is to wear something comfortable and easy, which can be termed casual, or semi-formal.

  • Talking, attending calls, or singing along should be avoided. Make sure that you follow cues of other attendees to applaud, and do not try to take videos. You can take photos outside the main concert venue, if allowed.
  • Taking young children below the age of five is not recommended for symphony orchestras. Kids have a hard time staying still, and therefore, they may actually end up causing trouble to others.
  • Book your tickets in advance if you don’t mind paying for the best seats. The idea is to enjoy the orchestra from the most amazing place, from where you can have a clear view of the musicians.

Finally, have fun. Symphony concerts are incredibly fun, even when you don’t know much about classical music. Just sit back and relax. You will be rather surprised how these musicians come together to make magic happen on stage with just a set of instruments.

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