What Are The Commonly Used Equipment For Logging

Forestry equipment has been used for several years to assist in the logging process. Logging equipment comes in various forms. Understanding the requirements of the business will help you select the right equipment. In this article, we are going to share with you the most widely used forestry equipment for logging:

Applications of a Logger

Logging equipment is used to perform several tasks related to arboriculture and forestry management. Their primary function is to harvest trees. They are beneficial for use with sawmill and lumber equipment. Payeur is a reputed seller of forestry and logging equipment and their spare components in Canada. The company also sells superior-quality parts of Kioti.


The logging device performs mainly five functions at the time of the harvesting process. This comprises felling, processing, extraction, transportation, and loading. Logging tools depend on large-sized hydraulic systems and diesel engines to develop and maintain tasks for forestry uses.

List of Logging Equipment

  • A logging truck – A logging truck is also called a timber lorry. It is a large-sized truck that helps transport logs. A few of such devices come with integrated flatbeds, while others have an inbuilt discrete tractor unit. A logging truck has one or more trailers attached to it.
  • Skidders – A skidder is logging equipment that is used to carry material from the logs to the roadside. It helps in moving them to a clearing. This process is known as “skidding.” A skidder tool will also help in the removal of trees from the forest.
  • Feller Bunchers – A feller buncher is kind of a harvester. It is a motorized vehicle that is equipped with an attachment. It rapidly cuts and collects various trees before chopping them.
  • Swing Machines – These are multi-purpose machines. You can use them as shovel loggers, harvesters, roadbuilders, processors, log loaders, and stroke delimbers. This machine resembles an excavator machine but performs a different purpose.

  • Forestry Mulchers – This mulcher makes use of a rotary drum armed with steel chipper equipment. It helps in the shredding of vegetation.
  • Log Loaders – Knuckleboom loaders are a type of swing gears that are manufactured to handle logs. The design of these loaders features quick hydraulics for well-organized boom and swing movements. The grapples in the device are pin mounted. It has a rotator that helps in the right placement of the logs for stacking.


Logging equipment offers functionality, performance, and convenience to forestry workers. These are some of the best logger equipment that helps you perform a wide range of logging operations.

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