Choose the Best Form of Maple Syrup that Blends with Every Flavour

Maple syrup is consumed in North America since many years. Maximum production of maple extract is done in Quebec, Canada. There may be endless companies providing maple crystals or syrup in the world. However, it is Quebec, Canada that is believed to produce the best quality of maple syrup.

There are majorly two steps used while producing maple syrup –

  • In early spring or late winter a hole is pierced in maple tree trunk so that all xylem sap is extracted from it.
  • It is then boiled in warehouse inutile water evaporates and thick sweet syrup is left behind. This syrup is then strained to remove all impurities and only pure syrup is left over.

Many companies claim to provide authentic maple syrup. However, if you are living in Canada, then you should visit the store, Delices Erable et Cie. Delights Maple & Co was founded in 1999 and established in Vancouver by Citadelle which is the Maple Syrup producer’s corporation. Now they have around 6 stores in Quebec. All the branches sell authentic maple syrups and its products along with original honey as well as cranberry in various forms without any preservatives or added sugar.

You may be in a store where there are various brands selling maple syrup and you don’t know which one too buy. You do have money, but not the knowledge. Here are some useful tips that may help you choose the best –

  • Pick a bottle and check its ingredients which are mentioned on the label we are looking for 100 percent pure maple syrup. Anything that mentions maple flavour or added sugar or fructose, should be avoided.
  • Pick region specific product. For example, everyone knows that Quebec sells the best quality maple syrup, but Vermont, U.S. is also number one producer of the same.
  • Lastly, maple syrups is divided into categories, Grade A and B to differentiate them in their quality. However, all grades are good for consumption it is the texture and colour that slightly differ.

Every sort of maple liquid has different purpose. The consistency of maple fluid can be thick or light. Each consistency gives different flavour which cannot be used in all food. This is the reason why grades are given to categorise them.

Maple syrup has many health benefits, but it is also a sweetener which means is also contains sugar. Although the sugar content in maple sauce is natural antioxidant, but every form of sugar has calories. Replacing white sugar with maple syrup or crystal is good decision, but you also need to manage your intake every day.

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