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EXANTE is a global execution-only brokerage that caters to the institutional market, with its headquarters in Cyprus and FCA-regulated offices in London. With a wealth of experience in the financial markets, EXANTE focuses on delivering personalized and responsive services to institutional clients, including asset and wealth managers, across the full range of asset classes, using a single multi-currency account.

EXANTEdistinguishes itself with a strong emphasis on client privacy and data protection. By limiting the collection of unnecessary client information, the company ensures the security of personal and financial data, aligning with the growing importance of privacy in today’s digital landscape and regulatory frameworks like GDPR. EXANTE is subject to some of the strictest regulatory regimes in the world, listed with the FCA in London and SFC in Hong Kong alongside the Maltese and Cyprian regulators. This global footprint allows the firm to better service an international client base, fulfilling its mission of a digitised, seamless international trading experience.

The firm’s state goal is to digitalise the financial markets while creating a single platform for comprehensive trading information and instant execution worldwide. With access to over 50 financial markets and a wide range of instruments, EXANTE aims to empower its clients with real-time information feeds and efficient trade execution. It prides itself on delivering rapid customer service, with knowledgeable human agents responding to inquiries within three minutes, in a service operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is vital for trading clients with a technical problem that cannot wait until markets open.

EXANTE provides an extensive selection of asset classes, allowing professional investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on various investment opportunities. Clients can trade stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, and more, tailoring their investments to their specific strategies or those of their clients. As an execution-only broker, EXANTE does not engage in proprietary trading or function as an investment fund. Additionally, EXANTE do not offer trading advice to clients nor do they suggest certain positions. This strict neutrality allows EXANTE to focus on finding the best market prices worldwide and the most innovative products, while traders are free to develop and execute their own strategies without interference.

In the long term, EXANTE envisions a digitalised and globalised financial marketplace, where freedom and accessibility are maximised for all. By offering a unified platform for trading and real-time access to global information, EXANTE simplifies the trading process and eliminates the need for multiple platforms or systems. This approach enables clients to make informed investment decisions promptly and efficiently. Additionally, it is far simpler to monitor the exposure and performance of an international portfolio in one place, instead of calculating currency conversions and totalling across multiple accounts and platforms. This significantly increases the viability of international holdings for professional clients, who are supported all the way by an unrivalled level of customer service.

EXANTE prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, recognising the importance of prompt and accurate support for financial professionals. The broker’s footprint across Europe and Asia allows for round-the-clock coverage with short delays. Customer data is protected according to the strictest international standards, and client money held in dedicated, segregated accounts. Oversight of these operations is provided by no fewer than four separate regulatory regimes, each with a strong relationship to the broker. Relationships with regulators are no less important than the long-term, strategic relations EXANTE maintains with its loyal professional client base, many of whom have been with the broker more than a decade. As of 2023, over $2 billion of client money is held on EXANTE’s platform.

Catering to professional individuals, institutions and counterparties, EXANTE offers tailored solutions to professional trading clients, enabling asset and wealth managers to optimize their trading strategies and enhance performance. In order to service this demanding client base, the company remains at the forefront of industry developments, investing in research and development to ensure its platform remains robust and capable of addressing technical challenges. The company has a strong commitment to digitalisation and expanding market access, a philosophy which inspires its mission to facilitate international trading on a single platform.

This mission has given EXANTE a loyal and committed client base, staying by the EXANTE SEC even during periods of difficulty, such as a mischaracterised – and swiftly dropped – SEC filing against the broker. By offering a wide range of asset classes, a unified platform, and excellent customer support, EXANTEprovides its clients with a secure and seamless trading experience, and has a client base who benefit from their constant commitment to innovation and evolution. EXANTE’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous industry awards in recent years, solidifying its position as an innovative and trusted brokerage. The past decade has seen EXANTE expand internationally, grow its client base and AUM, and introduce hundreds of thousands of new products and instruments to their loyal client base. If past performance is anything to go by, the future of EXANTE looks bright.

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