Know Why Dental Implants are said to be Quite Beneficial

People missing one or few teeth lose their confidence as they feel their facial appearance isn’t appealing and moreover have difficulty in chewing food. In dental care for such patients there are multiple options to rectify the missing teeth issue. They can opt for dentures, partials or bridges. Out of all these options dental implant offers a great success and comfort for patients.

The reasons behind the popularity of dental implants:

  • It is long lasting solution. Patients following the right after care procedure will not have any issues and they can expect the implant to last lifetime.
  • Dental replacements not only fix the teeth like the other options, it also fixes the root of the teeth, thus it is a permanent solution. That is the reason it is rated to be 98% successful.
  • The customised tooth looks exactly like real one as it is fixed properly and supported well by metallic posts. Moreover the crown of the tooth can be made by ceramic materials. Thus when the person smiles, it seems to be a natural teeth.
  • Improves the oral health. It doesn’t support tooth decay or any diseases related to gum tissues as the implant is integrated in your jawbones. Moreover prevent bacteria and other germs to get accumulated in the gap of missing teeth.
  • Keeps your jawbone strong. As the implants don’t stand with the support of adjacent teeth, there is no chance of atrophy occurring of bones. When there is no tooth root present the jaw bones get loosed and decay. Implants help to keep them intact as it inserts tooth root as well as the tooth without having any support from adjacent tooth. Thus it promotes the natural bone growth.
  • Dental implants don’t need the support of adjacent teeth.
  • The other dental options that are available for replacing missing teeth are sometimes painful and are not quite helpful for chewing food properly. Thus, the person is not comfortable while chewing his/her food. A weak bite can even harm the TMJ joints leading to pain and headache.
  • Missing teeth means sagging of lower face resulting in premature aging symptoms like wrinkles, thin lips and more pointed chin. The implants help in keeping the face intact and not let the skin or jaws sag.

After the treatment of implant dentaires is completed you get stable teeth, regain the lost confidence and look young and attractive.

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