Why Do People Prefer Quartz Watches?

In the contemporary world, people give equal focus on accessories and dresses. The watch can be used regularly, and affordability determines its role in the demand. A watch is worn in offices, schools, social events, etc. In the 21st century, men and women like wearing watches, and the probability of wearing mens watches among men is relatively higher. You should get one for yourself, and you could gift it to others as a present.

People demand quartz watches for different reasons. Let’s highlight them.

  • Cost-effective: Cost is a factor determining the purchasing power of a customer. The quartz watch is the most affordable watch, preferred by many. It is cost-effective due to mass production and affordable raw materials. Being cost-effective, it can be bought by middle and lower-class people. In addition, due to increasing per capita income, the demand for these watches goes high.
  • Comfortableness: Accessories are items generally used for different uses. Watch is an accessory used by both men and women. They could be worn for both formal and informal events. Under such conditions, comfort is a vital factor. A quartz watch is more comfortable than an automatic watch. In addition, it is easy to switch batteries and easy to use. A quartz watch has few components, making it lightweight and thin, compared to other watches.
  • Trending: In the early days, watches are used by highly educated and elite people like professors, businessmen, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and bureaucrats. In modern society, wedding watch has become a style. Few people also have the hobby of collecting watches. Quartz watches are designed based on trending styles. Many watch companies offer stylish watches based on quartz. Fashionable quartz watches are easily available in the market due to their low cost and flexibility. Quartz is comparatively cheaper than other watches as the key components of these watches are cheap and produced in larger quantities.
  • Prone to higher accuracy: Apart from low cost, better accuracy is the unique selling point of quartz watches. It has captured most of the watch industry, due to its accuracy. The automatic watch has an integrated circuit, prone to damage. On the other hand quartz watch, manufacturing components are durable and produced easily in bulk.
  • User-friendly: Minimum maintenance is the positive criterion that supports the demand for quartz watches. It is often believed that quartz watch needs no maintenance. It is a myth, as it requires minimum maintenance. At first quartz watches is cheap due to cheaper input components. So if the components of the quartz watch malfunction, you can replace it with ease. The internal components are produced in bulk and they are available in the market.
  • Additional features: Due to the improvement in science and technology, human beings have succeeded to integrate electronic circuits in a quartz watch. Due to this electronic circuit, different functions can be added, to these watches. Some additional functions integrated with the quartz watch are an alarm clock, timer, barometer, stopwatch, LED light, etc. There are instances when radio and calculator were also available with quartz watches.
  • Other reasons: There are additional reasons behind the demand for quartz watches. They have higher durability than other watches. Different innovative inventions can be integrated, with this watch. Quartz watches are cheap due to cheaper input components. So if the components of the quartz watch malfunction, you can replace it with ease.


From this essay, we can highlight the reasons behind the demand for a quartz watch. They are lightweight, have low maintenance, are user-friendly, and go with the trending style and upgrades with changing times. Above all quartz watches are pocket friendly and are a perfect example of gifts.

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