The Benefits of Stretch Hood Film

Stretch hood film is a tube of film that is sealed on one end. During the manufacturing process, workers take it and stretch it over a load that is on a pallet so that the contents are secured to the pallet. As a result, the load is stable and resistant to abuse or damage. Businesses can use forklifts and pallet jacks to move the pallet around in their warehouses, and the products on the pallet will stay out of harm’s way. When you find the right stretch hood film manufacturer, they will produce stretch film that keeps your items secure.

How It Works

When you use stretch hood film to wrap your pallets, it is installed by a stretch hood pallet wrapping machine. This machine sits around a conveyor belt, and the pallets are positioned on the belt. The wrapping machine has four arms, which stretch the hood film over the top of a pallet load. The machine has photoelectric sensors that can determine the size and parameters of the pallet load, and the arms of the machine stretch the hood over all of the products until it reaches the bottom. Then, the film is sealed, and the products under the pallet are safe and protected from liquids, dust, and dirt.

The Stretch Hood Pallet Wrapping Machine is Efficient

One of the benefits of using the stretch hood pallet wrapping machine is that it is efficient. The arms of the machine work quickly so that it can wrap 150 pallets in an hour. It uses MMP stretch hood film, which is also called hooder film. It provides a tough barrier that keeps your products safe while they are traveling, while they are stored at the warehouse, and more.

The stability reduces any potential for product damage and increases your storage capacity. Your products are protected on five sides, and they will stay dry and protected from outdoor elements. In addition, the film is clear, so you can see the packaged products inside. You get load stability, high holding force, weather protection, and tear and puncture resistance with stretch hood wrapping so you can know that your products are as safe as possible.



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