How To Ensure A Smooth Functioning At Your Substation Unit

If you are in charge of keeping a substation in a perfect functioning condition, then there are several factors you need to look into. The sooner you start taking care of these issues, the easier it will become for you to bring things back to normal. Here is a perfect way to forge ahead in this direction.

Using A Perfect Transformer

There is no way you can use an ordinary transformer at a substation and still manage to run it smoothly. For that, you need substation transformers that are designed specially to function according to the electricity produced and transferred to consumers from these substations. All transformers used at such facilities need to be good enough to handle high-voltage and balance its flow all day long. The moment a transformer fails to do it, there are chances of an accident at the substation. So, choose the transformers carefully.

If you are not much experienced in terms of selecting a good transformer for the unit, get in touch with an expert and resolve your doubts as soon as possible. Most of these transformers can handle up to 150 MVA 345 kV (remanufactured devices) and 300 MVA 315 kV (for new products). So, you need to keep this figure in mind while selecting a good transformer for your substation.

If you already have a transformer and want to make changes in it in place of going for a new device, then it’s better to get in touch with an expert who can reverse engineer the process and do a rewinding. Moreover, he must be able to modernize the transformer by increasing or decreasing power and voltage capacity. Some transformers might require additional accessories to be installed in order to perform well, so he must have enough knowledge and experience to perform necessary lab tests for dissolved gas and oil to come to a conclusion.

In case you are not able to find such a talented expert on your own, get in touch with the experienced team of Surplec and let them handle all your requirements. With a rich client portfolio and years of experience, there is nothing that your substation transformer installation process requires and the Surplec team cannot perform.

So, put an end to all your doubts and pay attention to the points mentioned above in order to get the desired outcomes as soon as possible.

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